Messinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil "BRINIZA"

The olive oil that is produced in the region of Messinia, is famous for his excelled quality. It has been recognized by the European Union with regulation 1056/97, as olive oil, Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O).

The extra virgin olive oil “BRINIZA” is produced in our olive-mill from the Koroneiki variety cultivated in the region of Messinia for thousands of years. The name derives from the place name “Briniza” and it has emotional value for us because there are olive-groves of our grandfathers, since 1927.

The olives come from the olive groves of regions around the mountains of Tryfillias and south-western of the Ionian Sea. The olives are gathered at his early age before the stage of complete maturation and produce characteristic oil known as acerb olive oil with an intense flavour of the green olive.

The extra virgin olive oil “BRINIZA” is extracted from the olive IN COLD, by using suitable up to date machinery “Sinolea” by natural extraction method (drop-by-drop). This method is a unique process, allowing the produced oil to keep intact all of its natural and nutritious components (antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins), making this olive oil the best food product in the world.

The olive oil produced is of low acidity with a high percentage from antioxidant elements that ensures excellently organoleptic characteristics, with exceptional flavour and perfume all the time. The received olive oil thus stored in reservoirs by stainless steel up to the moment of bottling.

The ability of checking all the production process, from the field in the olive press, allows us to guarantee that we produce a 100% natural product.

We have only Extra Virgin Olive, and we can supply you with any quantity you ask. Our oil is packaged in bottles e cans of 250ml,500ml,750ml, 1LT,3LT,5L.

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